Project Description

Latex and vinyl gloves with and without powder. Nitrile in blue, black and purple. Petrol station plastic type.

Paper masks, single or double-coated, also in three layers for high risk in white and green colors. Clamshell or muzzle types.

RefDescriptionBox unitsCase
392-XPExtra small latex gloves10010
392-PSmall latex gloves10010
392-MMedium latex gloves10010
392-GBig latex gloves10010
392-PSSmall powder free latex gloves10010
392-MSMedium powder free latex gloves10010
391-GSBig powder free latex gloves10010
391-PSmall vinyl gloves10010
391-MMedium vinyl gloves10010
391-GBig vinyl gloves10010
391-PSSmall powder free vinyl gloves10010
391-MSMedium powder free vinyl gloves10010
391-GSBig powder free vinyl gloves10010
394-PSmall blue nytril gloves10010
394-MMedium blue nytril gloves10010
394-GBig blue nytril gloves10010
394-PMSmall purple nytril gloves10010
394-MMMedium purple nytril gloves10010
394-GMBig purple nytril gloves10010
394-PMSmall black nytril gloves10010
394-MNMedium black nytril gloves10010
394-GNBig black nytril gloves10010
393Medium plastic gloves100100
393-LBig plastic gloves100100
2451 layer paper mask10020
245-22 layers paper mask10020
2463 layers green high risk mask5020
246-B3 layers white high risk mask5020
245-CBlue shell mask5020