Project Description

Hair dye capes in blue and white. Hair comb capes in blue and white with ribbon closure. Breast tops for adults with a pocket for leftovers. Makeup capes. Plastic-coated blue and white aprons. Sleeves covers in plastic. Hooded plastic neck zipper overalls. Bras in two models.

RefDescriptionGr/m2Trim colorUnits bagBag / Box
124-1Blue plastic hair dye cape10020
124-1BWhite plastic hair dye cape10020
170-2Pp. white hair comb out cape with ribbons20no trim1510
170-2APp. blue hair comb out cape with ribbons20no trim1510
171-GPp. adult belly jacket40Blue1050
169Pp. 50 x 50 cm make-up cape with ribbons30no trim2520
180Pp. plastified apron20 + PLno trim1010
180-GPp. big size plastified apron20 + PLno trim1010
179Blue pastic apron10010
179-BWhite plastic apron10010
365Plastic sleeve-cover10020
160-MPp. neck & zipper overalls40White125
160-MCPp. hooded & zipper overalls20 + PLWhite125
160-PLPlastified hooded & zipper overalls40no trim2520
352Pp. bra40no trim2520
352-SPp. individual bra40no trim1 x 2520
352-SLSPUN-LACED bra40no trim2520
352-APp. dark blue bra40no trim1 x 1020