Project Description

Innovative line for hair removal devices, single waxing heat gun, with 2 and 3 pistols bases, combined set (base of two heat guns with hot or cannedwax heater), hot wax heaters, paraffin tins and appliances.

Ref Description
701-B Individual pistol wax heater
KIT3 Set of triple base heater + 3 pistols
701-E Executive individual pistol heater
KIT2E Set of executive doble base heater + 2 pistols
KIT3E Set of executive base triple heater + 3 pistols
KITCO Combind set of executive doble base + tinned heater 400ml + discs
CFORN Tin metal heater oven 400 ml. + discs with thermostat
CPANA Paraffin heater oven